If you live in Zurich and are interested in climate change, you found the right place!

Through this website you’ll be able to find the community of people active in this field and find more information or jump right into action!

Our principles

1. Sustainable activism

“Activism is my rent for living on the planet” – Alice Walker

We are in this for the long term. Activism will always be part of our life, whether we solve climate change or not. That’s why this has to be sustainable. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Decide how much time you can put in on a regular basis, even if it’s only 5 minutes a week to share a post on facebook. Try to stick to that. Over the long run it is going to be much more effective.

2. Acknowledge and support existing efforts

We all have the tendency to believe that “nobody cares”, and “nothing has been done until now”. And now we come and save the world.

In reality, many people have been thinking about these issues and have taken initiative, be it on a personal level, as activists, politicians or inside organizations or businesses.

We want to find these people, and ask them “what do you need to be more effective in your work?”

3. Inform and empower the interested

Often people get shaken up by the news or information they just acquired, and they feel they should do something. But what would be meaningful, what would be effective, what would align to their values?

We want to enable you to insert yourself in this global effort in the most effective way possible.

We want to help you find the people, organization, campaign that feels just right. Find the task that makes you go: “Yes! This I can and will do!”

What we do

This is a precise list of what we do. If you want to take charge of any of these items, let us know!

  • Keep a comprehensive list of groups, organizations and campaigns related to climate change in the Zurich area (Nicola)
  • Create a meetup event every second Tuesday of the month
    • Welcome new members and explain what we do (Nicola)
    • Freely discuss about climate change or related issues
    • Go through the list of organizations and collect all relevant events on our events page (Nicola)
    • For the following month, decide one event per week to join, or create if none available
    • Create the meetup events (Nicola)
  • Join the planned activities
  • Blog about where we are going (Nicola)

What we could do

The more people join this activity, the more we can do. Here is a list of activities that we could do with more people joining. Many of these are just ideas, and we would need to discuss if they fit our vision (in particular, delegate if someone else already does it).

  • A monthly news update about what has been happening in the network, (activities, efforts, findings, interesting articles)
  • Guest posts and interviews
  • Looking for members more actively
  • Reach out more actively to the organizations in our network
  • Extend our network knowledge to the people behind the groups
  • Extend our resources page with recommended books, papers and movies
  • Start keeping targeted newsletters to create synergies
  • Build a roadmap of milestones, things that need to be done at a global and local level to actually reach the final goal (basically that would be: greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are back to a sustainable level). Or at the very least get a clear view of what the “next step” is at a political level in Zurich or Switzerland.
  • Fundraising?
  • Your idea?