Big Reachout Activity Scheduled

I just added this meeting to our meetup:

“Have you ever joined an activist group with a lot of enthusiasm, and then nothing happened, and the group just dissolved into nothingness? Well, this happened to a lot of other people. The reason this happens is: we feel like we are alone, like what we do doesn’t matter.

Something that could help us, and others, is to know that we are actually in a network, in a worldwide, coordinated effort, with one of the noblest goals there are (basically, conserving everything that we hold dear). This could actually give us the motivation to keep showing up, and lend a hand, invest some of our time, a couple of hours every week to keep the movement moving, or an afternoon every month, to show the more involved actors our support (and this is very important).

The goal of this meetup is to allow people who want it to have a place in this global effort. Not alone, but with a strong awareness of the efforts that are being done, and with the goal to create as much synergy as possible.

Many people like you started or joined something, and then the effort became too much, and the routine took over.
But fortunately, these people leave a trace in the interwebs. Semiabandoned websites, facebook pages, inactive organizations. These people leave something behind: a way to contact them. Over the months, I’ve been collecting links and addresses of these people.

Paris is coming soon (30 Nov to 11 Dec), and so is the global day of action (28-29 Nov), where we want to show our politicians that their decisions matter to us. That if they take the right decisions, there are people who will support them.

Tuesday the 6th of October we meet with a purpose: we will go through all links and addresses that I know about (of active and inactive people, of active and inactive organizations) and contact them to let them know they are not alone, and there is an ongoing effort that they can join (and how), and maybe we are going to be able to revive the flame of their past activism. We’re only going to know if we try.

With excitement

PS. Please stay tuned for data about the location, which will depend on the amount of subscribers.”